Preferred Umbrella Companies (NEW for 2016)

SLS are pleased to present our new PSL (Preferred Supplier list) for umbrella company providers: Please CLICK HERE.

There are many hundreds of companies offering umbrella solutions, some of which may not be compliant or legal. Though a PSL is not a guarantee of compliance or financial stability, by limiting the number of umbrella suppliers with which we engage and going through a rigorous selection process; our clients, our contractors and ourselves are at less risk. We can confirm that there exists no inducement, financial or otherwise, between us (or our consultants) and any umbrella providers and that where referral fees are offered we have ask for these be passed directly on to our contractors.

To reach our four chosen providers for our list we:

1) restricted the selection to the membership of ‘Professional Passport’ and ‘Freelancer & Contractor Services Association’ (FCSA ) who are external organisations that independently audit compliance to legislation for their members. Requirements for compliance are complex and change regularly and we do need to rely upon audits and code of conducts that have been set up by these professional bodies in what is an unregulated industry.

2) Only considered providers with whom we already had in place working relationships and for which contractor feedback to us has been positive.

3) Had face to face meeting with providers to:

a) ensure they meet our own professional standards

b) confirm they could raise invoices in a timely manner and in an format acceptable to our own working methods

c) negotiate preferred rates/terms

3) Obtained from each our own completed compliance questionnaire and copies of standard contracts of employment.

We take the service provided by our preferred umbrella providers very seriously and we welcome your feedback good or bad. If you feel that you have received a bad service and the issue has not been resolved please raise this with your SLS Consultant as soon as possible so we can investigate and attempt to resolve for you. Our PSL will be subject to ongoing review dependant upon our contractors feedback.

If you wish to contract with us through an umbrella company, you must use one of the umbrella companies on our PSL (they do represent a good cross-section of size of organisations and rates in the marketplace). SLS negotiated terms/rates are available on request.

It is your decision as to if you wish to use an umbrella company. We are not, by providing the details of the providers on the preferred supplier list, suggesting that you should or should not use an umbrella company nor are we endorsing the services of any particular provider on the list. If you are considering using an umbrella company, you should obtain independent advice and we do suggest that you speak to and obtain net pay calculations from at least two preferred providers before making your decision.

To the extent permitted by law, we will not be liable whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, misrepresentation or otherwise for any direct, indirect, consequential or special loss or damage you suffer or incur as a result of your use of a particular umbrella.

Professional Passport

We would like to suggest all new contractors working through umbrellas sign up to the Professional Passport contractor newsletter ( As SLS is a member of Professional Passport we can also offer you free access to the site to include information pages for those new to contracting – please let you consultant know if you would like us to register you.